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Who Are We?

I was working as a classroom English teacher in Southeast Asia, running group and private lessons, however my students often had trouble coming to class consistently due to work and family commitments.

A portion of my students apologised for their absences, and asked me to send them English lessons by email so they could at least study on their lunch breaks. That’s what sparked the idea for making my lessons available online so that anyone could access them from anywhere, anytime. The flexibility and convenience of the process is key.

I realised that creating my own website would exponentially multiply my impact on the education world. I intend to change the inequalities between developed and undeveloped countries through making e-learning available to people in need of an education in English in order to be provided with employment opportunities and earn a decent living.

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What We Do


— English Skype Lessons

My English Skype Lessons are flexible, affordable and convenient. If you would like to learn the English vocabulary used in your field of work, these English lessons are ideal for you.


— Premium Resources

I have been working to bring you the absolute best educational resources in the industry.

Our printables are easy to use, comprehensive and straight to the point. Perfect for teachers, schools,  parents and students of all levels and ages.


— Free Online Courses

Free education courses that tackle some of the biggest challenges and needs of the modern world.

All of our free courses are uploaded on to the platform DailyMotion.


— Online teaching recruitment

Browse through the list of available online teaching jobs and start your teaching career…

If you’re a public or private school, please contact us for a quotation.


— Blog

Our education blog tackles the current issues and affairs in the industry.

Readers can usually leave comments, which lead to discussions about the blog’s content. For example, a blog post about flipping your classroom can lead to a discussion between novice and experienced teachers about common questions, advice, tips, and clarifications.


— Free Online Lessons

We will progressively upload a depository of lessons on the topics we teach over Skype.

We sell printed posts, answer keys and video scripts for AUD $5.

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Student Testimonials

Asami, Designer

It was my daughter’s first lesson at cafetalk!She enjoyed a lot
急なレッスンにもかかわらず しっかり準備をしてくださりとても充実したレッスンで

Minseo Bae, Manager

Her lesson is always fun and easy to understand.
The feedback is very detailed.
It is always fun and my academic ability improves.
And she can respond to our requests in various ways.
Thank you always.

Haruto, Doctor

Thank you for your lesson, it was fun.
いつもこのサイト からレッスンでやってほしい記


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